There is a space… between the flowering fields and the starry skies, where lovers exist, euphoric. Space expands, stars fall and the sweet smells of night-blooming flowers hang heavy in the air. From this dreamlike space of romantic love, comes . . .


Think night sky. Think Hollywood Golden Era. Think romance. Now think CÉLESTE.

CÉLESTE is a luxury women’s lifestyle brand, with a focus on sensuality and romance, who offers a carefully selected edit of products for the modern goddess, women with whimsical tastes who revel in femininity. We are a boudoir lifestyle boutique, which means we focus on all the elements from the boudoir and beyond.

We provide high quality ready-to-wear and boudoir apparel items that embody the spirit of romance; the name itself tells of the stars and the heavenly sensation of love. Whether it is jewelry, lingerie or bedding, we have chosen iconic items for those who know surrounding oneself with the finest things in life is a form of self-worship. We aim to inspire and indulge women through the eternal languages of love, luxury and beauty.

This brand is inspired as much by the stars above and their inherent romantic essence, as it is by the stars of the silver screen and their captivating, sensual, overt femininity. For designer Rose Poulsen, stars are both cosmic and cinematic. In this, they are also playfully and meaningfully interchangeable.

The act of lying in a field of flowers with a lover on a summer night, staring up into a boundless night sky is one of romance. The height of the stars, much like the height of romance is a phenomenon that encapsulates feelings of mystery, longing and anticipation. With nothing in your periphery, the only thing separating you and the celestial bodies above is the gravity forcing you into the cool grass alongside the body of your partner. In these moments, you are far from the sky and the goddesses rendered in the constellations, but you are a goddess on earth.



CÉLESTE was created by Rose Poulsen, a designer known for her extravagant creations and love of exquisite beauty. CÉLESTE, a brand name with heavenly connotation, is a reflection of Poulsen’s true passion as a designer and connoisseur of glamorous, feminine boudoir apparel. One part hopeless romantic and one part showgirl-at-heart, designer Rose Poulsen, knows the attempt to capture a concept, such as “Pure Romance,” especially at its source in the collective human spirit, is a grand endeavor. But, Poulsen intends to do her part in bolstering pure romantic love through the inception of CÉLESTE, the gaze of the lover upward, toward a confident, sensually realized feminine goddess.

“CÉLESTE was born of my love for classic lingerie, the glamour of the golden age of stage and screen, and a desire to bring that into the marketplace with vintage-styled pieces that are flattering and supportive to real women’s bodies. CÉLESTE is for the goddess in every woman. I always incorporate fine details and delights, delicate craftsmanship, and exquisite materials into all my creations. Lace, bows, silk, feathers—elegant touches, high glamour, exaggerated femininity, cheeky flourishes – these are the things I adore, and the things that define me as a designer. As a designer I believe that clothes that make women feel sexy and beautiful are always in fashion. I celebrate femininity through vintage accents & with wit and whimsy. Designing boudoir apparel is my true passion. For me, the most important goal when I design is to create something special – a “favorite thing” to be cherished.” – Rose Poulsen



Born and raised in Western Australia, Tiah Eckhardt now calls the USA home. Eckhardt was scouted as a model at age fourteen and went on to have a successful international career for the next sixteen years. Living and working in the industry in Sydney, London, New York, Milan, Paris and eventually, San Francisco, fashion provided more than just employment, but an unofficial, invaluable, education in it’s creative and business side.

At age twenty, after expressing a passion for writing and production, Eckhardt was commissioned by to write for Harper’s Bazaar. She went on to contribute to publications such as Oyster, No Magazine, Grazia, Nine MSN, The Vine, Purple Magazine, Sydney Morning Herald, Perth Now and The Sunday Times. In 2012, Eckhardt started The Daily Knicker, a tongue-in-cheek blog about lingerie fashion and has seen her take a turn towards the creative side of the industry.

At Celeste, Eckhardt adds a dash of her signature, sensual style to the brand’s high quality, supremely well-constructed items as she continues to create content that connects with consumers. As more women become empowered by the notions self-worship, intimate expression, body positivity and ethical production, Eckhardt is a voice that both speaks and listens to Celeste customers, encouraging them to adopt their own flair and confidence in the boudoir and beyond.


BECKY FINK | Bardette

Becky Fink is a writer and romantic living in Los Angeles. She’s the former owner of luxury swimwear label, Birdie Jo. As a true sensationalist, she swoons over all things pleasurable (often with a glass of French wine in hand)—from peonies to fine fabrics, but especially poems, stating, “it’s the way the words feel in my mouth.” Her musings mostly revolve around love and language, art and sensation. In regard to fashion, she believes luxury is often handled all too preciously—because precious things should be worn and enjoyed. When she’s not lusting after and fumbling with language, she’s the star of a black and white film that is only a figment of her imagination and metaphor for her life—it is reminiscent of both Breakfast at Tiffany’s and I Love Lucy.

Becky is a regular contributor to www.ohyesceleste.com. She amuses us with her wit and inspires us consider love and the stars and poetry.