Exquisite From The Start: The Magic Behind Celeste Harlow Fabric


You’d Think It Fell From The Heavens!

This soft, sultry Austrian jersey is the result a century’s worth of textile experience combined and an understanding of luxury. Comprised of high quality thread, and double the thread count of your average knits, this satin stretch jersey has a hand even better than fine silk and holds the body where you want, still draping with sensuous fluidity. Once made, the fabric goes from Austria to the mill’s eco-friendly dye house in Germany, where even the water is responsibly treated on the premises. The esteemed Austrian mill prides itself on the innovation of this ethically produced, exquisite satin jersey as it replicates the luster and drape of what was once considered to be a finer fabric, but demonstrates increased functionality, color fastness, and stretch recovery—which means your garment will last longer and feel better than you could ever imagine.

Since 1934 the Austrian mill that knits the Harlow jersey, has been a specialist in the manufacture of knitted textiles for underwear, lingerie and loungewear. All fabrics are produced near Lake Constance in Austria in the “Euregio Bodensee”. The region of Austria – Germany – Switzerland, it is one of the oldest textile regions in the whole of Europe.
The mill strongly relies on innovation and quality and consequently developed its own technique of distinctive SUPERFINE® fabrics. In their fabrication, SUPERFINE® textiles are characterized by extremely fine and elaborate knits. For the consumer this translates into fabrics of exceptional wearing comfort and garments that are both beautiful and aesthetic and will stand out from the crowd.

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