There is a space… between the flowering fields and the starry skies, where lovers exist, euphoric. Space expands, stars fall and the sweet smells of night-blooming flowers hang heavy in the air. From this dreamlike space comes . . . CÉLESTE
CÉLESTE is a luxury women’s lifestyle brand, with a focus on sensuality and glamour, that offers a carefully selected edit of products for the modern goddess.
We provide high quality loungewear items that transcend the genre, taking you from the bedroom to  beyond. Whether sweeping robes and figure-flattering slips, jewelry, accessories or bedding, we have designed and selected opulent items for those who know surrounding oneself with the finest things in life is a form of self-worship. We aim to inspire and indulge women through the eternal languages of love, luxury and beauty.
CÉLESTE is inspired as much by the stars above and their inherent romantic essence, as it is by the stars of the silver screen and their captivating, sensual, overt femininity.