The Harlow Midi Slip


Our Harlow Slip is the midi-length style of our eternally beautiful 'Harlow' collection. This versatile style is the epitome of timeless appeal and doubles both as a smooth and supportive foundation garment and a boudoir look on it's own. The luxurious Austrian satin stretch jersey caresses the body, enhances the silhouette and features the 2-ply bodice and cup of 'Harlow's' Camisole and Long Gown counterparts. Our delicate and soft French lace is the perfect trim, adding yet another heavenly sensation to a garment that is a pleasure to wear.



You’d think it fell from the heavens. This soft, sultry Austrian jersey is the result a century’s worth of textile experience combined and an understanding of luxury. Comprised of the high quality thread and double the thread count of your average knits, this satin stretch jersey has a texture even better than fine silk and holds the body where you want, still draping with sensuous fluidity. Once made, the fabric goes from Austria to the mill’s eco-friendly dye house in Germany, where even the water is responsibly treated on the premises. The established Austrian mill prides itself on the innovation of this ethically produced, exquisite satin jersey as it replicates the luster and drape of what was once considered to be a finer fabric, but demonstrates increased functionality, color fastness, and stretch recovery—which means your garment will last longer and feel better than you could ever imagine. 


Lace is as important to CÉLESTE as it is to where it is sourced—the lacemaking region of France. The history of french lace is more dramatic than one might imagine. Despite wars with the English, the fine lace-makers of Calais, France smuggled looms into the country to ensure generations of hand-made lace remained part of the region’s rich history. This is where CÉLESTE'S stretch lace trim is made by master lace-makers on century-old Leaver looms. While each garment adorned with this exquisite lace contains a little part of history, it also demonstrates the demands of a more modern luxury lingerie market. By using fine fibers that are able to depict the most intricate lace pattern details and with stretch recovery to help your CÉLESTE gown maintain it's shape over time.



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